Tooting Market Protest

XR Wandsworth Book Club

Event Details

6th June 2024 6:30pm
Event Type
In Person

Distillery Room, Four Thieves pub
51 Lavender Gardens
SW11 1JW
United Kingdom

For our next book club we are reading Blueprint for Revolution: how to use rice pudding, Lego men, and other non-violent techniques to galvanise communities, overthrow dictators, or simply change the world by Srdja Popovic, one of the unlikely leaders of the student movement Otpor! that overthrew Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic in 2000. It is an accessible and highly entertaining toolkit of ideas to inspire ordinary people to become revolutionaries. And everything is illustrated by inspirational stories of  everyday folk achieving extraordinary things. 
We are going to enjoy discussing it and plotting our own revolution in the distillery room of the Four Thieves pub. Please join us! 
Book discussion ends at 8pm but chat often continues if you'd like to stay longer. 
The pub does really nice pizzas 🍕